Preschool and Childcare Programs for Children ages 2 and up



What’s the difference between preschool and daycare?

Both preschool and daycare offer safe care for your child, foster play, and encourage socializing. Preschool is an educational environment that prepares your child for success in school. In preschool, your child will spend their time learning and exploring—engaging in hands-on activities that stimulate their minds. In daycare, your child will play in an unstructured environment.

What are the benefits of preschool?

At Discover, Learn & Grow, we believe in the power of education to set children up for success. We believe that by enriching the whole child, preschool can help students succeed in school, make friends, and become more confident.

What’s the best age for toddlers to start preschool?

It varies per child. Some children are more independent earlier than others. Some babies are ready before they turn 12 months, while others begin preschool at age 2. Children with siblings at home are often ready earlier in life. As soon as you see signs of independence and exploration, it’s time.

Can I afford preschool?

Discover, Learn & Grow is committed to providing high-quality, affordable preschool to the families of Bristol. We offer a variety of programs at affordable price points. Our preschool program starts at $150 per week for full-time care. We also offer free and reduced price meals for qualified families.


What should I look for in a preschool?

Choosing a preschool for your child is a very important decision. As you explore options for preschool or daycare, you should assess the educational curriculum, the safety procedures, the staff’s experience and training, the preschool’s reputation in the community, licenses the facility holds, and other factors. The best way to assess whether the provider is a good fit for your family is to visit in-person.


How do I know that preschool is safe?

Discover, Learn & Grow has numerous procedures and policies in place to keep children safe. We’re licensed by the State of Pennsylvania to provide safe care for students. Our staff are trained in CPR and first aid, emergency procedures, sanitation practices, and more.

Will my child be disciplined at preschool?

To ensure Discover, Learn & Grow remains a safe and welcoming environment, our staff follows outlined disciplinary procedures. Spanking, hitting, or violence of any kind will never be used as a disciplinary measure. Should behavioral issues arise, the staff will use warnings and timeouts to address the behavior and will work with parents/guardians along the way.


What should I pack for preschool?

For the most part, parents/guardians do not need to pack food, toys, or diapers for their child to bring to our center. Discover, Learn & Grow provides everything your child needs to have a fun and educational day. Parents/guardians SHOULD provide any medications prescribed to their child, and should pack weather appropriate clothing for outdoor recess.